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Do we offer payment plans?

I get a lot of inquiries with concern over the high cost of dentistry and requests for payment plans. It is difficult to answer this question in short form so we have prepared this standard but lengthy response.

There are many corporate dentists now focused on cheap dental deals linked to the health funds. However, if you don't have a health fund these services can be remarkably expensive compared to traditional dental fees. For you to employ the services of a traditional dental practice (that is where the dentist owns the practice rather than a corporation with shareholders owning the practice) offers some distinct advantages to you. Caring traditional dentists are far more flexible in giving options that suit your situation. If that means offsetting treatment, leaving what can wait, then we will do that. If it means securing all active decay with temporary fillings for the interim then we will do that also. We can solve your problems in a flexible manner. We are not bound by corporate type operating manuals and rigidity.

I do not offer credit as in the past I found doing so seriously tainted the good relationship between a dentist and patient if things go wrong. There are many third party providers of credit these days, if your credit rating makes you deserving of credit. So we don't get involved with it. If there is enough demand for us providing credit or loans, we can sign up for a certain credit systems. All these credit systems charge you or us and if they charge us then we have to recoup that cost one way or another as would any other service provider.

So the question should always be who is the best dentist rather than the cheapest or the one with a link to a payment plan. A good dentist can save you a fortune in the long run. A good dentist can control your dental disease with flexibility.

Please read our Safety Bay Dental website for our philosophy and values. It may help you make the best decision.

There is no medicare cover for adult dentistry and therefore no bulk billing.

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