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Why and, when to have, a sedative dressing in your tooth

If your tooth is showing signs that the nerve is swelling or vulnerable to "death" usually felt as a toothache, then we will be enthusiastic to place a sedative dressing. Sedative dressings are a form of temporary fillings that are gentle, inexpensive. The aim of the treatment being to get that tooth pulp swelling down and settle your tooth and toothache healthily. This is much better than trying to get a permanent filling in there too soon and then suffer complications. If the nerve does die then your only two choices are extraction of the tooth or root canal therapy. Neither of these options are considerred a good outcome.

So modern day sedative dressings are quite strong and durable. Over time they may wear down and create some minor problems. Often they are sealing in a water soluble medication underneath them. We do want to remove that medication ultimately. Sometimes when we remove decay from a tooth, we dare not remove the last bit for fear that, in the process, we may push bacteria into the dental pulp. That would be bad for that pulp. So we stop a little bit sort of that point, place medication and wait for the pulp to get better and if it is well enough a layer of new tooth will be created inside the tooth to protect the pulp. Then the dentist can safely re-enter the tooth, remove all of the decay and fill the tooth with permanent, insoluble filling materials without fear that the pulp may die.

When we are placing a sedative dressing we are taking great care so as to get the best success rate. However, despite our best efforts the tooth pulp may die. If this occurs you will need to consider your options. Further treatment will require you to pay additional fees to cover the additional processes. If you have regular x-rays and check-ups you should be unlikely to get yourself into this dilemma. But notoriously people leave it all too late and problems arise. Any tooth that aches is at risk and needs to be attended to ASAP. Call Safety Bay Dental Care Centre on 95922077.

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