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Producing natural and balanced beauty and facial harmony

Well what does this mean? The hollywood types go through fashion stages all designed to make them stand out and be elite in their minds. So a time came when they all wanted white teeth. That wasn't enough and it had to be whiter, to the point it just started to look unnatural and even silly. Now it seems to be the filled lips. People get so carried away with putting artificial fillers in their lips that they look like assault victims at best, or they look like mutants at worst. So you can by now tell that I feel strongly about this.

A beautiful face has symmetry, has a full natural smile with natural shades of subtle yellows, reds and greys in TRANSLUCENT teeth. Why did I shout translucent. Well if teeth are overly whitened they lose their translucency, look pasty and painted. That looks odd, and in my view is wrong, wrong, wrong.

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