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Are dental implants the ultimate chewing machine?

Well to quickly answer that question the answer is a big NO. A healthy natural tooth has an amazing design created over millions of years of evolution. A real tooth has an internal blood supply and a cushioning ligament joining it to the surrounding bone.The ligament also helps form a near perfect seal with the gum surrounding the tooth. So if you take nothing more from this blog it is keep your teeth and gums healthy like there is no comparable backup.

So when teeth are unhealthy then we have problems. A root canal process on a tooth, if it is required, can preserve the full external ligament structure of a tooth and the tooth can then continue to function for a lifetime if the gums are healthy. If the gums are not healthy then treatments exist and are well worth employing. So it is wise to do everything you can to preserve that original "nature's design".

So to be blunt about it, why would you then want a metal bolt in your jawbone and a tooth fitted to it? Well the answer to that is that is that you have run out of options. You have not managed to keep your teeth healthy and for one reason or another the tradition denture or bridge designs are not working for you. But remember an implant is not a first resort but a last resort.

Dental implants are not without limitations. There is a type of gum disease on implants that can force their failure. Even the best implant system and procedure can end in ultimate failure. But then there are more problems. There is a huge industry out there making near copy designs of the original or best implants. If there has not been long term studies on these copy designs then they could easily not do what you hope they would do. "But they are cheaper" you say. But if they fail then it is a very complicated disaster. This is obviously a situation here to be very careful drifting towards the cheapest option.

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