This website is a low cost, but simple to maintain wix, website. It may not be as polished as many websites. You know that "spare no expense" look. But the trouble with websites is that you can spend a lot of money on them. Money better spent on say equipment and staff.


Also of concern is that on a web page anything can be said with little or no repercussions if the truth is stretched a little. So we believe the best way for you to choose a dentist is to ask ten local people face to face, "who is the best dentist?". Not using google review as they can be manipulated. Not basing your decision on what you see on a website. Just ask people around you.

Websites aren't all bad. I am trying to use this one as a source of sound information for our patients and the public in general. So watch our blog activity for some up to date information.

Adrian Longworth (Rockingham Dentist)

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